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Maryland - Triadelphia Reservoir

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So...i just checked the WSSC site today hoping i would see some news that they are ahead of schedule and would be reopening in the spring.  Nope.  Pushed back to November at some point (so basically 2020 spring), i  thought they said summer 2019 at one point.  I caught some really good fish the month before they closed it and was looking forward to taking my kayak out there.  Oh well.  


Interesting tidbit that i bet others know already...  While i got lost in the youtube/google search wormhole looking up things about Triadelphia, apparently there is still remnants of the Triadelphia city left under the water? Someone actually said you can see tops of some buildings when the water is very low.  Anyone know anything about that?  That would be cool to see.  Google maps shows it pretty low but no buildings - lol.

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I fished from the rock pilings here when I was a kid and have great memories of lots of crappie. I used to get minnows at the Sunshine General Store back then too, and I stopped in once before the repair work was to be done. The owner had passed away, and the minnow tanks were empty and dusty.


I was looking forward to trying it out again in 2019 with a little 14' bass boat this time around.


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Triadelphia closed until summer 2020.  There are very little fish in there though. Hopefully by 2020 the fish will have returned, but they are not stocking it.  Rocky Gorge has been bad for fishing too. I have started inshore fishing because at least on the bay and ocean fish are always moving. 

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