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The percentage triangle

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What do you think? 

I think it's a butchered attempt at a Buck Perry theory but....


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It seems to me like a very basic recap of seasonal patterns.

Find the largest spawning flat - great idea I usually look for the smallest areas *slaps head*

Then locate the highways - proceed to explain both gradual slopes and steep drops while saying both will be used

Tie everything together by "pointing" out that points are important as long as at least one side has a steep drop off


That last part was the real genius of the whole theory because so many times we often fish the points where both sides gradually slope into the water thus not creating a point at all but a hump.


Call me a skeptic or a cheapskate but bass u seems like recycled content in the form of education at a cost.

Everything he said has been on different bass shows, books and magazines thousands of times.

The same type of ideas are passed out here via member experiences.

Look at any "how do I find bass .... " thread and the same things are said here and in greater detail and with answers from all over covering all types of water.


Dont get me wrong- Brandon could out fish me all day, everyday.

I'm sure when you watch all 45 minutes he goes into greater detail.


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