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Skeeter Boat Trailers

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Hey Guys,after a really hot,fairly unsuccessful day on the lake.I returned to the ramp to load my 3 yr old Skeeter SX 180 on to my trailer,also a Skeeter product.After pulling up to the top of the ramp and stopping,I noticed the boat was leaning to the port side on the trailer.The outside bunk was rotten and broke into 2 pieces.Today I replaced 4 Bunks,out of the 4, 3 were rotten . The boat was only minor damaged (a surface scratch about 18" long)Of course the trailer is out of warrenty,but I still felt like Skeeter should be held responsible so I contacted my local Skeeter Dealer,whom I purchased the boat from,and was basically told "tough luck".I contacted the home office and was told my warrenty on the trailer had expired.My boat has never even seen salt water and the boat and trailer are only 3 yrs old should I be making a big deal out of this? or am I justified in being totaly ticked,and out approx.175 bucks >;)

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I agree 3 years is really fast for your boards to rot but asking the manufacturer to warranty it for 3 years or more aint happening.  

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