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Sebago Lake, Maine area

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On 10/14/2020 at 11:09 PM, Arcs&sparks said:


It is navigable from Long Lake to Sebago through the Songo Locks and visa versa.  I haven’t gone through them so you’ll need to research If there’s restrictions at certain times of year etc.  I’ve heard it’s free flowing at times (during fall/winter I assume)  and I’m not sure how long it takes but with all the twists and turns, and the locks, I’m sure it takes a little while. 

I’ve Fished for salmon on Sebago a few times, haven’t gone home skunked.  Not sure where you’re from,  but we’re talking about Maine/ and probably most of New England—if your not connected to the Great Lakes. So in my opinion and experience, the salmon(and most rainbow fisheries) sizes are somewhat comparable to the bass up here. 1-2lbs is common, 3-4 is Great, 5+ exceptional.  There’s no doubt there is exceptional fish In Sebago,  of all varieties,  but I wouldn’t expect trophies without putting a lot of time in. 

Most of my experience looking for salmon/trout in lakes is in the spring or later in the fall.  Steep drops to deeeep water preferably near tributaries, deep water bottlenecks, are good places to start, Sonar is pretty much a must-have if you’re new to an area.  Assuming you plan to troll

start a thread in the “other species” forum if you need anyone to elaborate on gear, techniques, etc

Hey man thank you.  Great info.  Really appreciate it!

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Personally, i don't think Sebago is the greatest spot for bass fishing at all, it's a wide open lake with a sandy bottom that gets choppy VERY quickly. However, i've definitely had some okay luck there if you can hit them just right. The western side of the lake where the Muddy and Northwest Rivers come in is probably you're best shot for a decent bucketmouth, while Jordan Bay, Kettle Cove, and the East Basin are probably best for smallies. But once again nothing is guaranteed on Sebago since it's by no means a bass lake. I would personally recommend a jog over to the Thompson/Pleasant/Crescent lake drainage if you're looking for a more quality fishery. All three lakes can give up some absolute pigs if you know how to navigate the rocky shorelines. 

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