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Outboard horsepower question

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Horsepower question.

I am looking to get a motor for my 14 Alumacraft.

I have not decided between a 4 and 5 horse MErc.

The 4 has an integral fuel tank with a an auxillary optional

The 5 is only auxillary.

Is there any real difference between the horse power rating? Will I notice any difference?

I am not interested in any higher horsepower because of the weight difference, cost, and this in an interim boat fro me. Probably 3 years before I upgrade.

Also where I am located, most lakes are electric only (80% of my fishing)  but the Susquehanna river is close by and in order to get out there for safety reasons you need an outboard  

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Simple answer is 5 is 20% more then 4.  That is enough of an upgrade in power that you will notice it.

The main thing I look for in a small outboard is to make sure it is enough to get you on plain.  I cant answer that part.  

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I have a 16' jon boat and had older 15HP and 18HP Evinrude outboards on mine. Both did the job but would get my boat on plane. My Dad has a 14' jon boat and uses an 18HP on his. Not sure of your boats set up, but I put front and rear decks on mine which makes it heavier and I need a bigger outboard to get up on plane. I'd go with the biggest one you can afford. You should be able to go up to a 20HP for that size jon boat (check the specs to be sure though), that should definitely give you enough power to run the river (unless the levels are too high) and you'd still be able to use the outboard if you fished Marburg (20HP max).

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I have a Mercury 4 stroke 8 HP on my 1436 Jon, and it hauls even with the forward deck, 2 batteries, fishing gear and two full sized guys on there.

Can't say I have ever been disappointed in the speed i get off of it. I would go with the 5 HP. Course that being said, how far do you really need to go in the lakes near you?

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