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Transducer Removal Process...

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What method should I use to remove this factory mounted transducer.  It is located inside, beside my bilge pump.  It no longer works and I have bought a replacement.  After I remove it, what should I use to mount the new one? Thanks for your help and I have added a pic to descibe what I am talking about.  


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They usually used an epoxy/resin based glue to mount those. I took a chisel and a hammer to mine. I chipped away a lot of the bead around the outside edge and then put the chisel right on the base/hull joint and gave it a quick pop with the hammer. It popped right up.

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Looks to me like a good piece of pipe a good hammer and a good wack, or gaint channel lock pliers and apply force. Theres really not much to hurt so get after it.

I've left the old and put the new in and also removed them.

When installing get the area really clean. Acid tone is a fibre glass cleaner I've used.

Then make a little dam with kids silly puddy or Goob is a marine product just make a little circle to keep your glue in the area for drying. Construction chaulking glue would work just make a large bead in a circle.

And have a plan to hold the transducer down when drying I've used large stone, huk of lead from duck decoys what ever works.

Factory install are mostly in good areas, but if the old xducer didn't function well nows the time to move it.

Can't see were the old cable goes but cut the old cable at the xducer and tape to new cable and pull up to unit.


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Generally a piece of 2X4 and a hammer will pop an xducer out. Be sure to sand or grind all of the old glue away before you make the install of the new one.

BTW:  Be sure to tie a cord onto the old wire when you pull it out then you can pull the new one right back up the same path.

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