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input on kayaks..

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concidering picking up a smaller kayak. specificly the malibu mini-x.

i baiscly fish by myself so i think my best bet would be one of these. easy to store , maintain and transport. but i see people mention that even the slightest bit of wind can make someone hate life.

i know that this specifc model doesnt track the best , but i think it would suit me better than the larger models and can be that much easier to store.

at the same time , a decent 12ft jon or even one of those plastic mini-toon boats can be had for the same price.


boats -





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First off, if you haven't already you might want to search this topic here as it has come up a few times before.  Basically, they all have their uses, it jus tdepends what you want out of it (couldn't be clearer than mud, right ;)).

I use a Prowler kayak and it is awesome for getting into out of the way places, small creeks, sloughs, and places that a lot of boats can't get too.  I also have a bass boat for zipping from place to place.

Fishing by yourself a kayak would be a good deal.  However, you can also carry a lot more out of a jon boat, as well as have the ability to stand up and strech your legs.  But, the jon will probably also have more additional costs, such as registering it, towing it, storage would be another big issue.  Basically you just have to weight the costs versus the benifits.  Those of us that use kayaks to bass fish absolutely love 'em, but they aren't for everyone.  

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I never fished from a kayak, but I have a canoe and I get blown around at trolling speed at times. I think maybe kayaks get blown around less, but I've spoken to a few kayakers who say they get blown around pretty good too.

I fish shallow soft-bottomed areas and a 5# dumbbell used as an anchor holds in any wind. When I'm fishing vegetation, slime mats or fairly thick lily pads will hold.

Only you know exactly what you want with regards to boat size, weight, style, method of transporting it, storing it and other factors.

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I have a Prowler Big Game, and I love it.  I can stand on mine no problem, but for a taller, heavier guy it might be an issue.  Wind is as much an issue, as it is in any water craft.  I have a small grappling anchor, and 5# mushroom, and two drift so0cks that I use.  The size that you choose is really a function of where you fish, and your paddling ability, endurance.  Take it easy, stick to small waters, and you'll be fine.  I('ve taken mine 2 miles off shore in Lake Ontario, and encountered 3-4' rollers with no problems - just not the most comfortable to fish, LOL.

Some pics of me:





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thanks for all the input.

im thinking a kayak would suit me better. i plan on buying a smaller car in the near future. something like a civic or cavalier , so it would be easier to load.

love your yak Francho.

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It doesn't take much of a car to carry a kayak. I can easily carry this 12 footer:


on my little commuter car:


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