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Big Bear Lake, CA

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It's been a minute but I got my reels shipped out from back home and it looks like I'll finally get the chance this memorial day weekend to travel up to Big Bear and do some bank fishing. Me and the boys are renting a cabin and bringing beer so it's going to be a fun weekend. Any advice on spots to focus on from the bank? Fish activity insight would also be very appreciated. First time fishing in CA so it's time to see what the hype is about. 





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Big Bear lake is 7,200' elevation with cold micro climate. Memorial Day will be a busy holiday normally, this year with COVIS it maybe very quite. 

BB lake is about 7 1/2 miles long with 35 miles of shoreline to fish. The dam on the west end is the deepest water coldest water and typically good trout fishing. The east end is shallower and better for bass fishing the bass are both LMB and Smallmouth and be close to the spawn. 

Check with the local Sporting goods stores for what is currently going on.

I suggest renting boat to get familiar with the lake and troll Thomas Buoyant spoons for trout. You can bass fish from shore and the north side betwee Juniper point to Standfield cut off is usually good for LMB. Eagle point area to the marina is usually good. The North Shore Landing area can be good for Smallies using split shot rigged Roboworms in MMIII.

Slip bobbers with power bait and 3 lb leader #16 gold treble hook set about 12'  is a good shore rig for trout in the deeper water areas.





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My $0.02: Trolling needlefish in frog or bikini pattern (on leadcore line with a light leader) at about three colors as slow as your boat can go should get you some stocker trout and maybe a holdover or two. The east end of the lake is pretty shallow, especially with the current lake level being relatively low. I would concentrate toward the western 2/3 to 1/2 of the lake when trolling.


Bank fishing for trout, I would head toward the dam area on either side of the dam. If you're keeping the trout, I would go with a treble hook somewhere in the #18 to #22 size range with a little wad of powerbait. No heavier than 4 lb leader (2 lb or 3 lb is better). I use a small egg sinker with a snap and a 2 to 4 foot leader (depending on if there's moss or vegetation on the bottom) so it's like a carolina rig with a treble hook. 


Take a bobber and clip an open snap on one side of it and a tiny casting sinker on the other side. Put your rod in a holder and let enough slack in the line so you can put the open part of the snap over the line in between the 1st and 2nd guide on your rod. Let the bobber dangle just above the ground. When you see the bobber jump and rise up, pull it off, grab the rod, and open the bail. Let the fish run with it for a short time, and then reel down on it, and bring her in. Cut your line as far down as you can, and tie a new hook on. Get your treble hook back when you clean the fish. Small ultralight rods make the fight much more fun and sporting.


As for bass fishing, BB Lake has some nice fish in there. There is one kinda long skinny cove with several docks in it. If the water is high enough, there can be some nice bass in around those docks. There are also several rocky areas that provide natural cover for bass. I would start with plastics, creature baits, and spinnerbaits.


Get to your spot early. Make sure you have your license. The lake is heavily patrolled. It's going to be a mob scene more than likely, so some patience will come in handy.

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