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Fishing poem


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My wife wrote this poem for me for Father’s day. There are several personal references about our loudmouth dog and some particular music we like and our life in general but the rest is pretty much spot on about fishing. Hope you folks enjoy.


A Fishing We Go:

To go a fishing,
We be wishing.
Watching the weather,
To know whether.
Counting the days,
Till we fish play.
With rods and reels,
And labrador squeals.
Over knots, hooks and baits
Labors my sweet mate.
Van Morrison theme song,
Oh the water! Can't go wrong!
Let's enjoy it while we can,
A great line from Van!
Our little fishing life,
Just husband and wife.
Over our little city lakes,
Trusted trolling motor takes.
Where cardinals serenade,
Through woods and glade.
Bullfrogs that go croaking,
Turtle heads above water poking.
And the sun's coming up just,
With Pooh Winds blustering us.
We trolling do ferry,
Where pontoon will carry.
Whir of a fishing reel,
How will the bite feel?
Skunks outta the boat,
Leaders don't gloat!
Temps could be hot,
Water helps us alot!
Let's find some shade,
Or sun in a quiet glade.
Sunscreen slather alot,
Will the bugs bite me or not?
First boat on the water,
Dreams of a fish slaughter.
Sunset of your dreams,
Sunrise that glow-gleams!
In a shady cove,
With clear water below!
Hooked on a rock,
Now that's a shock!
Stuck in a tree,
Will I ever get free?
Lost another jig,
Sweating like a pig!
In Lily pad land,
Bass bites the plan!
Back to the dock,
Today not the fishing jock.
Loading the boat,
Weary home we tote.
Trolling motor down,
Sneak softly around.
Trolling motor up
Playtime for pup.
Ride across the lake
Leaving a big wake.
Big fat freakin bass,
Wide mouthed with sass.
Crappie me some,
Cuz eating is yum!
Catfish is jumping,
Hearts get a pumping.
Jigs, crankbaits and lures,
Sport fishing fun ensure.
Much more than a sport,
It's a lake life resort.
With water reflections
On many life lessons,
We venture out a pair
On the waters of "no cares"!

By: Sherry B

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