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Fall Fishing in Upstate New York


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Checked out Canadice this weekend, the smallest of New York's Finger Lakes. Kudos to @J Francho, @ww2farmer, and @Subaqua Adinterim for their advice posts on related lakes; there's not much info out there so any snippets are appreciated. This was my first time fishing Canadice and my third time fishing from my new kayak, second year fishing, learning as I go. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Air temp was in the high 70s if I remember correctly. Sunny skies, very clear water, water temps low 60s. Fishing from a kayak with my fiancé/pro fish photographer trailing behind. Canadice is long and very clear, quickly transitioning from 80 feet to shallows filled with hydrilla and milfoil. There's no development along the shores as this was once a water supply. Visible structure consists of scattered laydowns and overhangs. 


Arrived at the shale beach launch late, got on the water around 1pm. Fished until 7:30pm. Paddled to the south end of the lake, into the wind, stopping only once to test out some equipment and see how it moved through the vegetation. Visibility was maybe 15 feet, so it was a great opportunity to see exactly what the lures were doing. Not sure how helpful that is really, as I'm a person and not a bass. They looked cool, though. 


Started with a light ned rig, 1/4oz Texas, whopper plopper 110, and a keitech underpin tied on. After playing with the underspin, switched to a chatter bait that got hung up quite a bit less. In hindsight, a spinnerbait might have been better. 


Drifted back from the south end, stopping and anchoring to fish weedlines at various points and small coves. Hitting the edge of emergent plants was the most productive for me. My go-to is a Geecrack Baobab Hog EX. Surprised I don't hear about it more often. Great durability, action, and scent. Cast into the weedline, reel very slowly while shaking the rod lightly and popping/pausing based on any cover I feel. 


Caught two small bass on the Texas rig. Didn't use the ned, no hits on the chatter bait. One swipe at the whopper plopper as it came over the weeds. One bass pinned himself so hard that I thought I'd snagged. Came up with some scars but swam off after a quick breather.   


I'd like to do better, but, to be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm looking forward to improving my positioning/casting, rigging up my fish finder, and learning to really figure out where the fish are. Also looking to build more confidence throwing right into cover/working with hardbaits and moving baits. Might head over to Honeoye or some of the bays off of Lake Ontario to get some numbers before the season really cools down. 



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