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Why no love for this knot?

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Thank you all for your responses. I think I’m going to stick with the fishing’ fool knot for now. Also been pretty happy with the crazy Alberto. Going to give these two a try for awhile. Also use the palomar when not using a leader.

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Greetings and Good Day!

As just an ultra lite recreational angler the "doubled" uni knot is my preferred knot for many aspects. Through the fourty years of goofing off that can be considered angling this knot has demonstrated good performance. The doubled uni provides me a secure knot that has holding power also with high shock load tolerance too. I have examined other knots and they have not demonstrated as well as the doubled uni. I mainly use mono but I have had good results with braid also.

Depending on how you learn to tie it the doubled uni, there is also a positive virtue of being able to tie it in a very controlled way. This allows the knot to be fabricated easily in windy conditions and when there is low light as you can simply go through the motions to create the knot. The doubled uni also can be tied so that you minimize friction when completing the final overall knot cinch. It is possible to gently guide the knot to completion so there is minimal friction and heat exposure.


The doubled uni has demonstrated to me over the many years of using it on both dynamic and more static baits. Taunting very strong large trout on moving baits that get hammered the knot holds well. Equally when dealing with weedless soft plastics and successfully managing 12 pound channel catfish or 8 pound bass on 4 pound mono. Yes thrilling and successful! So plenty of love and appreciation for the doubled uni as a terminal connection knot. Yes, I use the double uni knot when fly fishing and attaching leader material.


I wish you and everyone on BR well. Best fishes and great knot tying!

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