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GMan rod locker hack…

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So I watched the G-man boat video that Glenn has posted, which was very informative. Thanks Glenn. One thing that I found interesting was concerning the rod locker storage, and how he took out the organizer to put in more rods. How many of you guys have done this?  it does make sense. I find them to get in the way more than anything else but have not taken them out. But I’m now thinking about it. Anyway, look forward to reading your comments. Have a blessed day.

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I have in my Z521L. I can fit at least two rods per opening, in some cases three, so I have effectively more than doubled my rod storage.


I did buy rod socks for all, as it makes it all possible, and it can be a bit of a challenge getting to a rod at the very bottom of the locker, but typically I have all of the current rods in use on the upper-most layers.


I like the approach myself.

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I did in my 920 Elite, makes it way easier to put away and take out rods and I can fit a ton more. The rods toward the bottom are a pain to get but it’s the same with the tubes anyway imo

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1 minute ago, Born 2 fish said:

I just took my rod tubes out of my 819 pro. Now I have all my rods in socks and I like it so much more.

Socks are mandatory IMHO, as are lure wraps for treble hook baits.

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Always used a open rod locker with no tubes. Also used expando braid sleeves long before rod socks came on the market, never gave a thought of marketing the sleeving. 

I also layered rods and reels using terry towels to pad the reels in lieu of reel jackets. 

Without tubes my rod locker held 8’+ long swimbait rods.


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