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Fishing today on the Susquehanna River (from shore)

Kirtley Howe

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Got down to the river at 11am today. Air temp was 55F (it warmed up to about 68F during the afternoon), sunny, light breeze. Started with topwater lures (Choppo, Devils Horse, JItterbug, and Chug Bug. Nothing interested. Tried a buzzbait and got one small (9") smallmouth. Then nothing. Tossed a frog over some weeds.....nothing doing.

Tried a rattle trap in Rayburn Red color with no luck. Tried a squarebill in Sexy Shad and got two more dinks. Tried a jointed Rapala in firetiger type color and got a 17" pike but nothing else. Tied on a Texas Rig with a purple Ol' Monster 10" worm and caught a 1 1/4 lb. smallmouth. That was the only bite on that set up. Stopped for lunch, and while I was eating some cloud cover moved in and the breeze picked up some. Went back to the topwaters but got nothing. Tried a football jig with a chartreuse 3" Mister Twister grub tail. That got two more dinks. Switched to a Willow leaf jighead (3/16th oz) with a brown plastic leach style trailer. That netted my best bass of the day...a 3 1/2 lb smallie. that was the only hit I had on that. Went back to crankbaits and caught 3 more smallies...1 1/4, 1 1/2 and an even 1 lb. Things shut down completely then and I could not buy another bite. Moved to a different area of the river at that point At 6:30 pm I caught 2 Walleye on round jig heads with 3" white grub tail trailers. Both were right at 16". As twilight settled in I went back to using buzzbaits. Caught a short (20") Musky. Then tossed the Choppo again, and had a nice sized Musky...prob. about 38-40"...follow it in on 3 successive casts, but I could not get him to commit. Went back to the willow leaf jig with the leach style trailer and managed one more 2 lb. small mouth.  Packed up and headed home. Altogether a pretty good day. 

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