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where to access Susquehanna in NE PA for bank fishing

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Apology: I asked this question before and got good answers, but now I cant find those answers on forum.  Should have saved them...my fault.  Hoping you all will still reply.

Because of an injury, I can only fish from bank--no more wading in deeper water for me. I live in Scranton/Lackawanna County in PA. 

Can you folks tell me some places where I can access Susquehanna for shore fishing within about 90 minutes of home?

Thanks much.

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If you did, it wasn't on this website.  You can click on the little conversation icon under your name and it brings up all of your posts.  With 24, its pretty easy to scroll down through them.


I'm afraid I can't help much on the access question though.  Its beautiful water though!  I've driven around there a time or two and it looks great.  I'd start with the PA F&BC website and find the boat ramps.  That will at least get you down to the water.  From there you just need to drive around and explore.  Public parks are another good way to get down to the water.

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I live in NEPA and am in a similar situation as yourself mostly because of my age. A lot of places I used to fish have steep banks and falls are a real possibility.


The Susky can be a difficult place to fish from shore with changing water levels just like any other river. Some places like Fish Commission access areas are easily accessed, but the water for shore fishing can be too fast or shallow like Apple Tree Access, Wilkes Barre Access and Falls Access. Then again, access to another place that looks good can be private and posted.


The only place I've been able to find that's close is off of Route 92 between West Pittston and Apple Tree Access. It's just past a PPL power substation; a downhill left turn and a place to pull over on the right. It's then a few minute walk to the river. River height matters there too.


You can find river level here:  https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=bgm&gage=wbrp1

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