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1/2-3/4 Ounce NFC Jig Rod Black

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Hi All,


I'm looking for some input on an NFC jig rod blank.


So far of all the blanks/rods I've handled the power/action I am looking for is similar to the following rods:


*NRX    873

*NRX+  873

*Even Though These are 3 Power/Medium Heavy I feel like they fish closer to Heavy

Rapala Concept TI 7'2" Heavy Fast 


I'm lucky to have a friend who builds rods and the first blank we bought/tied was the X-Ray SJ-736-1 but it is way to slow/soft for the applications I am looking for.

I terms of length/action I am looking for something 7'2" to 7'3" Heavy/Fast 


Any input would be appreciated.




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17 hours ago, spoonplugger1 said:

I don't know how we can help you, the SJ 736 is one of the stiffer blanks and is no way a slow action. You have to have your definitions wrong.

What is the CC Data power value and Action Angle of the rod you like?

Thanks for the reply.


I'm not sure what CC data power value is but I found the SJ 736 would bend almost parabolic all the way to the reel seat on hooksets.  Also if I had to pull a jig through cover the rod needed more backbone as the tip would flex/bend too easily.  


Have you ever fished any of the NRX or NRX+ Models 854/873/894 ?

Those are more of the power/action I am looking for but prefer a 7'2-7'3" length.



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  • Super User

My advice is call ALX rods Alex he is honest and makes custom rods.


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The X Ray SJ 736-1 is solidly in the MH power category, pretty dead center, the Action Angle is nearing XF. Not bad for a SJ blank designed to be a spinning rod. You do know the faster the action the lighter the tip compared to the power in the butt. Look in the catalogs, most properly rated XF blanks will throw a lighter lure offering than a fast or med fast rod will for the same butt power. If you bent a plastic pipe or 2 X 4, what action would it display? Is the tip light or heavy compared to the butt power?

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My question for you @steve22i is even though you didn't like the action/power compared to the NRX, how did you feel about the quality/sensitivity in comparison?


@spoonplugger1 it would appear your right, that SJ736 IS true to itself, being a good representation of a MHF(maybe kissing extra fast... like a cheerleading captain in the 80s)


It sounds like @steve22i is looking for beefier, sometimes beefier rods hide their action behind their power so what feels fast is really just a strong moderate fast know what I mean?


I'd recommend your friend get familiar with this info here https://www.rodbuilding.org/read.php?2,552531,page=5


It looks like you might be looking for an NFC IM or HM MB709, MB739, maybe SJ765, could even extend an MB669. NFC has new grips the essentially extend a blank, I havent tried it yet but would bring the length right to where you want it and make it feel pretty fast as it would push the bend profile further away from your grip.


Let us know which way you go and the results man

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Thanks Guys,


The reference to bending a pipe/2x4 make sense so I guess I may be looking for a slower action with more power.


The SJ736 is one of the most sensitive rods I own but you are correct in that I am looking for a beefier rod. 


I will check out that link and the other models you reccomend and let you know what I end up doing.



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Well I'm glad to hear you think highly of the quality, I have a couple x-ray blanks to build on.


I believe there's an x-ray 709 and if your buddy could cut a blank you could go x-ray 7109. They have 708 and 7108 but since your looking for beefy I went right to the 9s.


A number of people on that forum will be able to give you some direct feedback about those blanks.

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