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Pure fun and a new lure

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I caught 45 total. I launched minutes after a thunderstorm and used a T-rigged blue lizard for the first time in my life and caught 24 with that, but they were small. The first bass is a sample of those small ones. So, I switched to my Rapala Crush City on an underspin and the size picked up. I caught four, but then bass started slurping bugs off the surface and I was ready for them. I pitched a Shimano popper that was clear. I'd picked it to imitate a bug, as I saw bass bug-slurping a couple evenings ago. The popper worked well and it was a blast just sitting and waiting for a bass to slurp and then dropping my lure atop it. They were the best bass of the evening and most of the bass pictured below. At the very end, I switched to my black Whopper Plopper and caught a two-fer and ended with a single, the last bass in the line. Catching lmbs with a popper was one of the ways I used to catch smallies in Canada, waiting for them to show themselves and then laying a surface lure atop them. I like the photo of the foggy shoreline. 


FWIW, I'll be fishing two big bass waters next week, one a bog and the other a pond. 















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@Skunkmaster-k: At my age, I'm this kind of machine:


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@IcatchDinks: Thanks, ICD! It was a lotta fun! Sight fishing, where you see the bass, is my favorite kind of fishing. If you look carefully just to the right of the sixth bass, you'll see a ring in the water. Those rings were my targets. Sometimes there'd just be a ring and sometimes I'd see the back of a bass as it porpoised to take a bug. I had about three seconds to drop my lure within a foot of that ring. At times, I'd see three bass rise at once. Other times, I'd wait half a minute for a bass to rise. I kept my head on a swivel, as the action was all around me. 


I'd seen them feeding like this on Tuesday, which is why I'd gone through my tackle and tied on a transparent popper with a pink tint. The popper has a flickering foil inside of it, called Flash Boost, which I thought would look like the fluttering wings of an insect. Here's the lure:




For the final three fish, I switched to the Whopper Plopper because it was dark then and I wanted something noisier. My Loon-colored Whopper Plopper is also black, making it easier for them to see. 


It was fun using a lizard too as I'd never used one before yesterday. I think if I used a thicker one, I would have caught bigger fish. 

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4 hours ago, Alex from GA said:

As I'm not able to go fishing I live vicariously through you, thanks.  


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