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Rapala Fishing reels? anyone tried them....

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I was just looking on the rapala web site. To be honest it is the first time I have ever looked at their official site and I found so many lures and patterns of lures I did not know they even made. I also saw they make their own line of spinning reels and rods. Are these rods/reels any good? Anyone tried them? I know the rapala lures are great lures for the money and I am wondering if the rods/reels are the same.

Here is a pic of one of the rapala reels


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I have 3 of them 2 size 30,s and a size 20 the biggers ones i use for saltwater for 3 yrs now they still work like brand new They are made of aluminum and have the best anti reverse i have seen on a spinning reel they lay line perfect also and there drag is smooth and wobble free i use my size 20 for bass fishing no problems at all .if you look on ebay u can find um brand new in box for 30 bucks .IMO they are  the best reel you can get under 50 bucks

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They make great reels! I have a size 30 4Sxi and a size 20 6Sxi. Keep in mind that like other reel makers, they their more expensive reels are better than the lower rung reels.

I use the 30 for salmon and bass and my 6Sxi is mated to my drop shot rod. They work quite well. At the 6Sxi class, you can expect reliability, quality, and performance.  Tackle Tour Review the 6Sxi and you can find it in their Archive.  It was originally priced at about $50 but they can be had on Ebay for about $30-35. At that price, which is what I paid, it is very much worth every penny. Definitely money well spent.

As for their rods, stay away from the lowest class they have. I bought one that was on sale and it happens to be the worst rod in my arsenal for sensitivity and thus confirms the adage you get what you pay for.  Their rods in the upper class should be better, I hope!

Rapala Lures: Awesome

Rapala Reels: The 6Sxi are awesome. The ones you see on combos are lesser reels, but surprisingly smooth.  I am not certain of the longevity of those lesser reels but the 6Sxi has performed flawlessly for me.

Rapala Rods: Just stay away from the low end rods. ::o

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I have one of the inexpensive Target combos that I really like. It is a 6' 2 piece Medium with a 30 size reel. The reel has I think 2 bearings, but it is one of the smoothest reels I have ever used.  The drag is excellent too.  The reel compare to others that cost alot more. This was my main travel rod and reel until I got my St.Croix setup. If money is an issue I would advise getting one.

Oh yeah, Tackletour has a review of their reels.

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