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I'll start off by saying sorry admins if this is in the wrong spot.

So this is the story of how I scored a new (used) reel.  3 weeks ago I went fishing with 2 other buddies of mine at a little local pond.  One of my buddies hadn't been fishing in years.  He went out and bought a quantam baitcaster to use the day before we went (This was his first baitcast).  We got to the pond and started fishing, he was having all types of problems with rat nests and the usual beginner problems.  I tried helping him, but he was stubborn and wouldn't listen to my tips.  Finally after 1 1/2 hours he started cussing and I jokingly told him he might as well throw it in the water.  30 seconds later I hear I curploosh... he actually listened to me and tossed it into the lake.  

Well 10 days later, I went back to this lake and they had dropped it 15 feet.  So while I was waypointing the shore, I went to where he had thrown it and I found it ontop of a rock under 2 feet of water.  So I snagged it with a lipless crank.  I didn't think it would be any good after sitting in water for awhile, so I took apart and cleaned my first baitcaster, and it seems to be working alright for the circumstances.  

So today I went fishing with these two friends again, not really thinking that I had his reel.  Well after awhile fishing, he mad a comment about the reel.  He asked me why I would buy that reel after he had so many problems with his.  That's when it clicked... I laughed and told him a friend gave it to me.  Just thought I'd share my story.  Thought it was kinda funny.

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It could have gone into "Outings."

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