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Guest avid

revo premiere.

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That 's a reel I would try but being so close in price with the Metanium Mg and Mg7 ....

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Guest avid


I just looked up the price.

At $260.00 Abu has really thrown it's hat into the ring and is taking on the big boys in their own backyard.

In the American market they are taking on the ChronarchB. chronarch MG, and daiwa fuego, sol, and zillion.

Pretty stiff competetion.

I say Kudo's to abu.  The more companies that enter the high end the better it is for us....the consumer.

And with diawa and shimano breaking the stratosphere with $450.00 to $600.00 plus reels,

The Revo premiere may be an idea who's time has come.

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I bought it the next day it hit the market.  \

I like it better than my Zillion because it is lighter.  

It does not have the brakes that you pop in and out like the Shimano.  

It took me a while to get used to it after using the Shimano's and few Diawa's for so long.

It fits my hand much better than the Zillion too.  

Now that I'm used to it, it cast6s a country mile and is smooth.  

I haven't caught anything over 3lbs on it yet so I can't comment on it's testicles.  

I have it on my Loomis and with the low weight of the reel and rod only weighing 4.5 ounces,it makes for a sweet combo.  Why put heavy reels on such light rods?  

I am buying the Metanium next though.  

I searched BPS and other sites and found the 3 lightest reels.  They are STEEZ, ABU Premier, and the Metanium.  

IMO the Steez is just too small though.

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6.35 oz.  Pretty light!!  I almost bought one but decided to wait.  I will be watching for owner reviews on this site and if they hold up well I'll get one next fall.  Right now I need one new spinning reel instead.

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