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Recoil Guides & Braided Line

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Just wondering if the recoil guides would make too much noise using braided line.  Looking to getting a b/c rod w/ recoil guides but not sure if it'll make too much noise.

Also, using a rod w/ Fuji guides & braided line, I know that it does make some noise when you're cranking in line.  Does the sound also go out onto the water & will it be amplified???

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I have a Loomis BCR803 with the Recoil Guides and I don't care for using braid with this rod.  It can be done with out any problems but the sound is annoying.  So I guess it is a personal preference.  I would recommend using flourocarbon instead.

As far as if it transmit sounds into the water, I have no idea.

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I fish with  guy every now and then who uses braid, and has a couple of rods with Recoil guides. It is an annoying sound, but he catches fish, so it must not have much effect.

Maybe it makes the crankbaits sound like minnows who are scared to death, screaming like little girls.

Might just be a good trigger.  ;D ;D ;D

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