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ROADWARRIOR-12 lb Yozuri Hybrid Question

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What's the breaking strength of the 12 lb Yozuri line?  I am looking for a good all around line weight & not sure if I want to go to this or go to 15 lb Hybrid(also any idea what the breaking strength?).

Your thoughts???

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#12 is 19.5, #15 is 21.5 (Ultra Soft is slightly less)


I recently bought a 1 lb spool of #15 to experiment with. My thought is that thicker line is less likely to backlash, will not be as subject to kinks when it does and might be worth the extra strength in some situations (hanging a jig or lure!). We'll see. I have two baitcasters rigged with #12 Ultra Soft, two with #15 original formula Hybrid and one with original #8.

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Thank you RW!  I do have a 1/4 spool of 12 Hybrid & may get the 15 lb also.  I like the fact that it will not kink or backlash easy.  How about casting distance do you lose any distance w/ heavier lines?

I posted about putting on 12 lb Hybrid on my Sol baitcast reel.  I think I may put on 8 lb Hybrid.  I want to keep it a light b/c & cast lighter lures, so that may be the better way to go.

When I lived in So Calif, my first b/c reel, the sales guy convinced me to spool w/ 8 lb P-line CXX.  He said that the breaking strength was like 12-14 lbs & was all I really needed for the shore bass fishing I would be doing.  The line did great & the more I learned about bass fishing I went w/ heavier lines & for the past couple years have used braided lines on my b/c & some spinning reels here in Indiana.  I get hung up more often & braid I can get my lure back.

But now I want lines that I don't backlash too often.

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Well, the thicker line will not cast quite as far, but you may not even notice the difference! I'm mainly experimenting with #15 Hybrid because I got a great deal and fishing it might result in recovering more jigs. However, if it turns out that I get fewer bites, the line is outta-here.

#8 will be fine for you IF you don't backlash much. When you do, check for kinks. These are weak spots and you MUST replace the line. I "add" line or replace it at about 60 yards or so, you really don't need to replace the entire spool (you will probably never fish 50% of the line).

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