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Spinning Rods that is similar to the Avid for Frogs

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I am a newbie in posting though I have been a member for a year plus.

I am looking for a frog rod comparible : to the Avid AS70MF. About the same price and warranty. Of course it must be on sale. Reeds is sold out.

I am also looking for a Avid AS68MXF for Senkos


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If you like the St. Croix rods, I happened to looking at the Cabela's website today and noticed that there are some deals on some Legend Tournament rods. I think there was a frog specific rod on sale. Check it out in the Bargain Cave section. I think they are the previous years' models without the split handles, but they are awesome rods. At the sale price they're asking, should be just a hair more than what you spent on the avid rods.

Modified to add: TBC70HF  saves ya $40 bucks.

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This is going to be just one man's opinion so take it for what it's worth...

I consider myself to be above average to expert at frogging.

I am not sure that I personally could frog effectively with a spinning outfit.  Have you considered a heavy baitcaster with a high speed reel combo?

I'd have to try it but I am just not seeing how I could make a spinning combo do what I like and need to do when frogging.  The mechanics of it are just all different.

I'm always up for new things though so enlighten me.  Is it that you are a spinning combo only type guy or are there advantages to using spinning for frogging?

I guess I should seek clarification too... when you say frogging you mean topwater over the thick stuff like pads and mats?


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I also wouldn't frog with a medium power spinning outfit. I think it requires a 7' casting rod such as the MH Avid and a reel spooled with 50# Power Pro. But, everyone has different methods and I'm sure you can fish frogs with spinning tackle if that is your thing.

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