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Daiwa Light and Tough

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Man...these rods really are light weight.  Sensitivity is what it is with an IM6 blank, but regardless...I hadn't handled one in years until tonight at the Garland BPS.  They were really ahead of their time in terms of weight  when they came out in the mid-90's.  The handle is probably the most comfortable I have held.  Am I going to trade my Loomis' in?  NO!  But I thought I would throw a bone to the Light and Tough guys...they seem stellar for $119.  Just another option in the really tough middle rod market (glad I'm don't have to decide on a rod between $120 and $150!)  I would consider a 6'6" LT for jerkbaits...nice action and feel.  

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I don't know of a better rod for the price, though I keep on looking.

I like my Team Daiwas better than some rods I own that cost me twice the price.

The cast-weight latitude is an unbelievable 1/8 to 1 oz, and it's realistic, not some promotional hype.

Although the light & tough blank is very light, it has uncanny backbone.

I own several 6-foot L & T Spinning rods spooled with 30-lb PowerPro and I use them like WINCHES ;)

PS: It occured to me that there's two light-&-tough rods in my avatar (1st & 3rd) They're legible if you click on "Profile"


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Even as long as they've been around, I still maintain that they are the best bang for the buck out there.

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I came across the l&t by accident.  I was looking to upgrade my starter setup and I found a few in the bargain cave at Cabelas.  I bought one that day and used later that afternoon.  Needless to say I went back and picked up the other two the next morning.

I'm amazed at how light they are for the price.  Just like the_natural said they have great handles and great backbones.

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I have two. I've said it before; they're the best bang for the buck out there. They are just what the name says; light and tough.

The goofy looking is handle is very comfortable and secure in my hands. For someone with small hands, I'd recommend trying one before you buy it.

The reel seat is far superior to anything Fuji has. Try one for a day, and when you pick up a rod with the Fuji seat, it will feel like something from an earlier time.

There are a lot of rods in this middle of the road price range, and this is the best of the lot, for my money.



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