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  1. It matters whether the blank is graphite, fiberglass or composite, and whether the main-line is mono, fluoro or braid. In most cases though, I'd opt for mod-fast before opting for moderate. Roger
  2. KOOL...I wonder what he paid for my old boat Roger
  3. The color ‘Tomato’ takes me back to Mister Twister Grubs in the 70s. One particularly attractive pattern they called “Chartreuse/Tomato Core” Though it was attractive to me, the bass could take it or leave it ? Roger
  4. When I was a kid, 5:1 was a popular reel ratio, which ultimately gave way to 6:1. Even today, I still regard 6:1 as the epicenter, though speeds to 8:1 are common. I'm an old man, yet I still have full control over my cranking speed, and still opt for a 6:1 ratio for everything. There's a lot to be said for 'familiarity', and learning the required compensation and nuances and ONE tool. Roger
  5. The only 'Bills' in my life are the ones I find in my mailbox (Sorry OJ). Go (away) Bills ? Roger
  6. I kind of lost my appetite for beer, but not my appetite for alcohol. After all is said & done, my first love is a medium-rare 'Rib-eye Steak'. I'm pretty sure that's why my friends call me "Beefeater" Roger
  7. Prior to the actual spawn, bass of both sexes feed ambitiously during the pre-spawn in preparation for the stress of spawning. On the downside, the early spring period is highly susceptible to unstable weather, making the pre-spawn season a mixed bag. Here in Florida, some anglers in a local March tourney refer to it as the Pre-spawn, while others on the same day argue that it's spawning season. In reality, the pre-spawn period in central Florida is January & February. Given a warming trend, TODAY (January 17) would be perfect. On balance, most anglers are late to the party. Roger
  8. Tom, I'm hoping you are in the stock market, because it's also solidly founded on one's ability to identify Trend Reversals Roger
  9. Welcome to the forums j-dubs, and don't be discouraged by old fuddy-duddies ? Adhering to the law is a foregone conclusion, that doesn't require parental intervention. When I was your age, I had 2 bass in my aquarium (Shocking as that may appear!!). My 2 bass would be best described as fingerlings, but received my undivided attention. At that time, I would've guessed they subsisted about a year in my tank, but through the compressed lens of advanced age, it was probably closer to 6 months. Be that as it may, there were no ‘Fish Police’ in Hillside, NJ, and it was not a bad experience ? Roger
  10. And anywhere the shoreline swings out to the river/creek (commonly called a Point). "Location" in a manmade impoundment, is different from location in a natural lake. In reservoirs, the "river channel" is the key feature, from the headwaters to the dam. Ideally, you're looking for the broadest shallow flats that adjoin the river channel, then create waypoints that pinpoint the best contour-line convergences (Drop-offs). Roger
  11. Congratulations and good luck! I wouldn’t rule out a Shimano Bantam. I own both, and in spite of different price points, I prefer the Bantam to the Met. Either way, you're going to enjoy that stick Roger
  12. You wearing you're catcher's mitt? Good, here's comes a curveball. 6th Sense Swimbait Hook - 3/16 oz x 3/0 Roger
  13. I cannot be of assistance, therefore I really shouldn't respond to this thread. I just wanted to say, my brother George happens to live in Carlsbad, California. But he holds a casting reel beneath the rod, and holds a spinning reel on top of the rod ?. You guessed it, George doesn't fish. Roger
  14. After reading everyone's contribution, you guys covered a treacherous topic with admirable tolerance and advice. I would only add however, that media bias is not a recent phenomenon. Their bottom-line always benefitted more from negative news than good news. Roger
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