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  1. Yes just a jig shoved into a yum craw. Can do the same with a solid body tube
  2. Give this a try, good craw profile, with some extra action
  3. I have done really well with the yum Ned craw which is a realistic crawfish bait. Perhaps you are fishing them wrong. The trick is to fish them on a stand-up jig so that the crawfish stands up off the bottom and gives a natural presentation. Skirted jig works well too or if you want to go weedless use an ewg and a skirt
  4. You mean bluegill soft plastics or just bluegill in general? I have alot of bluegill lures that have done well for me Bellows gill Storm green sunfish Savage gear bluegill Jackal gantarel jr We have a lot of green sunfish and some of the areas that I fish and that Storm green sunfish has done really well it looks a lot like a green sunfish in the water despite it being a cheap bait I have caught multiple fish with it on different bodies of water
  5. Some of the best memories of my life were going fishing with my Best friend. Enjoy your time with him. Glad to see he's wearing a vest.
  6. Nope, there a tunnel that feeds the lake, I caught my PB there. I was standing on top of the tunnel and dropped the lure in front of it. The bass ate it and swam straight away, I was practically standing on top of him. There also no structure in the lake, it's a hoa pond.
  7. Naw bro, drag had nothing to do with it. It's because my line was frayed, my knot was weak, my line guides are frayed and it wasn't a bass lol. With correct set drag I have landed some really big carp on 6 and 8 pound test. I posted pics of them earlier. I primarily UL or finesse fish, so having my drag set correctly is crucial. That being said I don't know why people like catching carp, even giant ones on a UL are kind of boring fights, all they do is run. No jumping or thrashing like a bass. I believe someone earlier said a 2 lbs bass is capable of snapping 10# test line. (Assuming it's not frayed or a weak knots) if that's the case, I don't see why someone wouldn't think having no drag wouldn't play a part. Anyways thanks for your logical response.
  8. Yes it was the biggest bass I have seen at this lake as well, which is what prompted me to ask the question because I was wondering just how big of a bass I lost. There's a few 6 pounders at the lake, but most are 2. It would really suck to lose a new PB because my drag was broken. I'm leaning more towards snapped the line due to no drag, rather then frayed line, weak knots, different species. as with non frayed line, and a strong knot, the line would still snap with no drag with a fish capable of exerting more than 10 lbs of pressure on the line. Perhaps it would have been better to phrase my question like this. How small of a bass can snap 10# test line with no drag? The answer is weak knots frayed line different species lbs lol.
  9. Drag you say huh? What's that? You think you could have caught those fish with the drag cinched down as tight as possible? If you did have the drag set as tight as possible, do you think the line would snap? If yes why? Because of the drag? Or because of a poor knot, frayed line, scratched line guides, and a different species of fish? I have caught fish that weigh more than the pound test line I was fishing, because my drag was set correctly. Today that wasn't the case because my drag was broken.
  10. That possiblity is there, but I got the fish in about 1 ft of water, about 1 foot from the Bank. I saw it, I'm confident it was a bass. I have caught plenty of carp and catfish.
  11. How can you be so sure of that? I find it hard to believe that having no drag had nothing to do with it
  12. Possibly, I'm confident it was a bass though. The biggest bass I have ever seen there. It was actually in the same spot I caught my 3.4 last year. A tunnel. That being said yes people always over estimate the size. I see a lot of people calling 1-2 bass like 4-5 lbs regularly. I was originally thinking someone would know something like, a 2 lbs bass is capable of creating x amount of pressure so I could sort of try and guestimate the size. I now know that's not possible there's too many variables
  13. Shoot me a dm. I'll show you a video of the spot, you could decide if it's worth the drive. I don't know if LA to IE is worth the drive for tiny Creek fish.
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