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Balancing Reel to Rod

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How do you all match a spinning reel to a rod? Is there a particular point on the rod where you can lay it on your hand and it doesn't tip either way, that means its balanced? I'm guessing just forward of the reel tang?

Looking for help for my daughters rig. Thanks.

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Place the reel on the rod, even run the line (if the reel has some on it) through the guides. Now hold the system as she would when fishing, and let up on the grip to let the system float in the hand. If the rod tips down you are tip heavy (reel light and doesn't compensate)), if the system tips up you are butt heavy (reel heavy and over compensates).

You can use the index finger the same way moving it (as a fulcrum) until you find the system's true balance point.

Some anglers don't mind the fact that most all combos are at some point tip heavy, while some prefer neutral balanced.

To reach a neutral balanced system you will need to fit the rod with a reel that does this or take the system at hand and balance it, this can be achieved buy doing some system modifications.


Your Fishing Rods...(To Weight or Not To Weight)

Balancing Your Rod....(Step By Step)

Just a custom builders .02¢

Tight Lines!!!!!  

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