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sedona 2000 help

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I left my sedona in the pickup the other evening and after about 4 inches of rain and 12 hours later I fished it out of 6 inches of water.It worked ok but made a light groaning sound and wasn't nearly as smooth. Long story short is that I tore it down cleaned, oiled and lubed everthing needed.the problem is the switch that prevents the spool from counter rotating isn't working.I tore it down again and could find nothing wrong. I don't know the correct terms for the parts  and pieces but if anyone has a solution , Icould sure use the help..

The worst part is seeing my wife grin and shake her head as if to say "I told you so"...Thanks for your time  Ken Blevins

PS I just bought another reel - that will show her

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There are a couple of things that could be wrong, but they depend on how far you took the reel apart. With you not knowing the proper names or part numbers, it would be harder than needs to be to try and explain the procedures to you. I would recommend that you send it to Shimano®, or take it to a local service tech...

Questions PM me.

My .02¢ from the bench..

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!  

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