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New to fishing, need rod/reel advice

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I am just getting reborn into fishing. I havent gone out since my old neighbor used to take me about 10 years ago, I was about 12.

I have a crappy reel and rod right now, and i keep casting the entire line out, i think the reel is too small. Anyways, I'm asking you guys for advice. I know i'm using 8lb test and a 6ft rod.

My budget is around $150. I'd like that to get me at least the rod and reel.

My main fishing area's are around Rochester, NY the Irondequiot Bay, and Lake Ontario (close to shore). And i'll be going for Bass mainly. I have been having good luck using powerbait worms with a texas rig.

Also, if you guys could steer me into some new lures, line weight, and all that jazz.

Thanks a million.


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Welcome aboard!

These might help:




For some specific suggestions on rods and reels, go through the last 20 or 100 pages in this section and you will find plenty of advice!


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You could get yourself a Regal and a Lightning rod for around 85 to 90 dollars. I have an older Regal that I got when I first started fishing and it still works well. You can take what money you have left and get some new tackle stuff or save it and get another combo.

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I just started last year as well....This what I started with and what I have learned on here,

If you find you are "Hooked" Pun intended....Branch out with various rigs and various Lures for different Situations

Rod n Reel

Look at a Pflueger President / BPS Extreme Rod/Reel Combo at Bass Pro around $99.00. I picked one up last year and It is a great Rod n Reel Combo for the price.

If you will be fishing Largemouth look at a MH or at Least a Medium Rod.

Spool with 30 lb Braid or 10 - 12 lb Mon / Fluorocarbon (Most places will spool your reel for you)


  • 4/0 Hooks with Plastic Worms Texas Rigged (Berkley PowerBait or Gulp and Senkos have worked best for me)

  • Black JitterBug for TopWater

  • Yellow or White Weedless Hollow Bodied Frog for Heavy Cover

  • A couple of Crank Baits (Different Depths) colored like a Perch or BlueGill

  • A Zara Spook for TopWater also

  • Some 1/8 oz Jigs with 3" Grubs


  • Needle nose Pliers

  • Nail Clippers for cutting line

  • A couple of Plano Boxes

  • Extra Line

  • Screwdriver that will fit your reel

I used a Back Pack to hold my gear and still do when I fish from Shore

I hope that helps....My learning curve has been greatly reduced by the excellent advice on this site

This should allow you to hit or be pretty close to the $150 budget.

I am on the other side of Lake Ontario From you. If you are ever up in Ontario Let me Know

Best of Luck

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