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Does anyone have this rod in a GLX.  Do you like it?  How's it fish a frog(spro bronze)?   If you have a BCR854 how do they compair?

Thinkin of adding this one to my collection and looking for opinions on the 7'3" over the 7'1".

I've fished the 854 for a couple years know and love it. But I'm thinking the 7'3" might be just a bit nicer on setting the hook in 15+fow

I dont like 7'6+ rods because of thier balance and weight.  So this 7'3" is as long as I'm willin to go.  I've handled the rod and it feels comfortable but lookin for anyone that has used it.

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I do.  I wanted a 4 power BCR for pitching, and I wanted it longer than 7'.  This leaves the 864 and 874.  What sold me on the 874 was the rear grip length.   It gives you an extra inch or better on the rear trigger, and not only does this serve as more fighting leverage, but also balances the rod better.  I thought it balanced noticably better than the 864, even though it was an inch shorter at the tip.  I believe the 874 is dubbed a c-rig rod, but a 7'3" heavy/fast action rod has a lot more uses than that.  Awesome pitchin' stick, and I'm sure it would do well for frogs.  

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