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Follow up to the grease on the brakes thread

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Well, grease on the centrifugal brakes was not that good an idea. Several guys here told me this was a dumb-arsed idea, but I did it anyway. I had done this with two of my Energy PT reels, and left the others as is.

I tried it, it worked OK for a while, then didn't do so well. It turned out to be a bit on the erratic side, in terms of performance. What I was trying to accomplish was get rid of that annoying whine these reels have on a long cast.

Time to execute Plan B, which is formulate Plan C.

Here's the real fix. I removed the brake race (drum) completely from the reel. Then got out my Dremel, fitted a felt wheel, loaded the wheel with polishing compound, and went to work on the race. I spent about 45 minutes polishing the surface of the race. While I was doing this I soaked the end of the spool to remove all the grease from the weights and springs.

After getting everything clean and dry, I sprayed down the spool end, all the weight/spring assembly, with KVD line conditioner, and let it dry. Then I very lightly oiled the race, using a Q-tip to apply the oil, and re-assembled the reel.

A very noticeable improvement was made. The whine was reduced by half, at least. The cast was smooth, took less efort to achieve the same distance, and I've been able to reduce the brake setting by two notches. Before this, the brake setting was very touchy. It has nine settings, and only two were usable. Now it works nicely over a wider range. The braking performance is very consistent now.

It worked so well I've done all the other PT reels the same.

The older 600 series reels are now almost completely quiet on the cast. The newer 700 series reels still have some whine, but it is very much reduced. They have all maintained very consistent braking performance for about two months since I did them all.

I think what happened is I removed a good part of the minor surface imperfections from the race. You know how your tires make more noise on a rough or grooved road? Same thing here, I believe. The weights are now riding on a smoother road, maintaining better contact with the race. Less vibration, less noise and more consistent braking.

Give it a shot. You will be impressed with yourself. Here's one more tip. If you try this, get a large ziplock bag, and work inside it. My first attempt at polishing the race resulting in polishing compound speckling my face, glasses, shirt, and everything else within 6 feet. My wife was very impressed with me.

While you're at it, try polishing the spool ends, tension shims, the spool shaft that runs through the pinion bearing, (if it does) and the inside of the pinion bearing. All this adds up to easier, smoother casting performance.

All this takes about two hours for each reel. Makes a nice cold weather project. What else you gonna do when the water's hard?



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Does sound like a good project and pics of the finished work?

No pics. The difference, which I can clearly hear and feel, is almost completely imperceptible to the eye. It would take a lot more sophisticated gear than I have to provide pictures that would show the difference. Sorry.

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The race and the brake blocks aren't the culprit, the reels have always and will always have that high rpm whine, it is the nature of that brake block layout and the race/housing design.

When you removed the brake race and cleaned it and the springs, you basically made it so it would adjust more easily when you re-assembled it onto the post and added the springs.

Those springs are what give the race the ability to adjust when you turn the dial (ops forgot FYI.. the dial adjust the race in and out nothing else) they do get sticky or because the assemblers are paid by the piece they tend to get assembled poorly in a hurry, and the adjustment sticks and THAT will cause the lack of the multi adjustments.

As far as adding KVD's line conditioner to the centrificale brake blocks on the end of the spool or the race, you IMPO did nothing but add a coating of whatever the formulation of that product is made from. Shouldn't even be used there...

This reminds me of back yard auto mechanics "they really didn't know what they did to make the engine run, but it did run".. :-?

Just my .02¢ from the bench..

Tight Lines!!!!

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Hey ' At least you din't get any grease on your rod

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