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Energy PT Drag Issue

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Jayce here new guy in the forum.

I recently got a used Energy PT E761PT-E7 Reel.

I noticed that the drag was tight than usual even if I max out the drag setting (need more pull to start the spool giving out line).

I already lubed the bearings but still the same.

I tried to gain access to the drags but I can seem to get the Handle of the reel (Screw-on Handle) Im afraid I might break it.  

Is there a way to troubleshoot this problem without opening the reel?

How can I remove the handle without forcing it or damage any gears?

If I gain access to the drag area what should I be looking for?


Mabuhay !!! ;)

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Welcome to the boards!

Since you just got the real, it should still be under warranty, I would either take it back and exchange it or send it to Quantum for a warranty repair. I have two Energy PT's and haven't had a problem with mine.

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Hey Jayce. To get the handle off, you have to screw the drag down tight, then push down on the black plastic collar, and turn the handle off counter-clockwise. The black collar is spring loaded.

I don't quite understand what your problem is. Your description left me a bit puzzled. Since you bought it used, it is possible somebody didn't put it back together correctly. Quantum's website will direct you to their service website where you can downlaod schematics. You might want to do that before you take it apart.

If you don't feel comfortable with a complete tear down, check out Reel Mechanic, a long-time forum member and board sponsor. he can fix whatever is wrong, for a very reasonable fee.



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Since you bought it used

my mistake! I completely missed the buying it used!

Ghoti is right, if you don't feel comfortable tearing it apart yourself, send it the Reel Mechanic! I've also had him service a reel that I couldn't fix myself. Class act he is!!!!  ;)

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Sounds like something in the drag stack hasn't been placed into position properly.

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!

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