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I know big swimbaits are very popular right now and just wondering what type of equiptment you guys are throwing them on.

I have one of those big Spro rainbow trout swimbaits and I throw it on a big 7'6" Shimano Crucial Flippin stick, but I cant decide on what type of line to use. My biggest fear is that a giant Pickeral or a Pike will grab it and there goes my $30 swimbait. (I lost 2 $13 crankbaits last weekend to Pickeral :'( )

So what type and what size line do you guys use with these big swimbaits?

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I use 25# Big Game for everything right now.  I wouldn't go any less with the BBZ.  With your situation you might want to bump up to 30#, give you a little more strength for those pike

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get the right rod for the job, for starters!

LOL, how bout it!!!

4 1/2 oz lure on a rod rated for 1.25?

Methinks I see a broken rod in your future   :)

Listen to Branuss, 25 or 30 lb.  Personally, I like the CXX.

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