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Pitching and Flipping gear

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Winter project/goal.  I wouldlike to take the winter to teach myself how to pitch and flip with baitcasters. Last winter got to be proficient with baicasters for normal casting (mostly), but while continuing to hone that skill want to learn to pitch and flip.

How do I set the baitcaster? Is a switch really necessary? Are certain lengths or powers of rods easier? Certain speed reels? Certain line?

Lastly, is there a good video demonstration somewhere? I prescribe to the theory "See one, Watch one, Do one".

Thank you for your help.

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Here's a link to this sites resources on the topic.  There are links to further articles.  As for video's?  Check with BPS or amazon on bass fishing techniques DVD's.  Not sure if there is a specific video on flippin or pitchin but those techniques may be a part of a more broad video on bass fishing.

The techniques are different.  Flipping is done with a specific amount of line out.  You don't use the spool release.  Pitching refers to the pitch cast.  It's not a long cast though.  Usually 10 yds or less.  A flippin switch on a reel is not necessary.  The equipment involves stout rods of 7' or longer and a reel with a good drag.  

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May I suggest the following for your consideration this winter?

A video or DVD of Jig Secrets to Hugh Catches!, "Advanced Flipping, Pitching and Jigging" by Denny Brauer.

Production is from Strike King and you can get it in video or DVD.

Denny Brauer's Jig Fishing Secrets by Denny Brauer, a nice book that is loaded with pitching and flipping information and some of Denny's secrets.

You can always Google pitching and flipping along and view the link Cart7t suggests.

If you get the book, video or DVD you will have it in your library to review from time to time to pass the winder dooldrums.  :)

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To learn pitching and flipping, the procedures are more easily understood from a video or from watching a buddy, in my opinion. Reading to learn the finer points of pitching and flipping isn't a bad idea either.

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