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Cumara vs. Carrot Stix Gold

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Okay gang. I'm looking at getting my first rod that costs around $200. I'm going to use if for larger plastic worms and light pitchin'/flippn'.

The lakes I fish mostly have grass in them with little standing timber or laydowns. There are some areas with light pads too.

My reel that will be used is a Team Daiwa TD-Pro spooled with 14-17 lb test BPS XPS fluorocarbon.

I have narrowed my choices down to the following:

  • Shimano Cumara CUC72MH or CUCX72MH
  • E21 Carrot Stix Gold 21CRG701MH-F-C

I've done some searching already so I know how a lot of people feel about the rods but I was wondering if anyone had specific experience with one or the other or both in regards to how I plan to use it.


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Although I have not handled that particular Carrot Stix rod, I have spent a little time with one really close to it which is the 6' 10" MH Carrot Stix gold.  A buddy of mine has it and uses it for T-Rigs and it handles this task beautifully.

It is a very nice rod.  The only complaint I had is that it has a pretty forgiving tip but you find the backbone pretty quick.

I have only handled the Cumara you mention in a bait shop and just from my limited time with it I could tell it is a little stiffer than the E21.  

I really do not think you can go wrong with either.  They both come with great warranties and they are both feather light and I would imagine them to be exceptionally sensitive.  

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I don't remember the warranty details but I think it's Lifetime to original owner with replacement for normal use damage.  

yeah, my 6'10'' MH does feel a little "spongey" at the tip but when put to practice does impede any action of the rod.  The Cumara will be a little stiffer at the tip but I don't really know hoe you could go wrong with either/

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