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Rod And reel Setup Questions

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Hello All I am new here. Iv'e been fishing pretty hard for 5yrs but I'm stuck in my ways. 90% of the time I use plastics (worms, lizards, and crawdads) When I'm not using plastics I use buzzbaits and occasionally cranks which I seem to have no luck with. 09 is a new year and I wanna do something different currently I use a 6' med action Ugly Stick and a Abu Garcia Cardinal 100 (spinning) with a ratio of 5.1:1, 12lb Spider mono. I allready know that I want to get a larger rod I was thinking 7' mh action, and and a baitcaster, and of course I wanna switch or try out braided line. I'm only 27 years old and I'm kinda stuck in my ways or I go for what I know works for me. I think that the new rod that I had explained earlier would increase what I bring into the boat when it comes to using plastics, it seems if I had a stiffer rod I might be able to set my hook better. I allready have 30+ bags of plastics (mostly worms) so I could spend some money on different types of lures as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think I need some help. Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome aboard!

I fish most soft plastics on spinning tackle (7' MF) and spool

up Yo-Zuri Hybrid or Hybrid Ultra Soft #6 (.010" diameter,

11.9 lb test). I REALLY think your line selection is

important for finesse fishing.

For heavier, weighted presentations and jigs, I fish 7' HF

baitcasting equipment. I think your current gear will be

fine for treble hooks and "moving" lures, but you need to

step up and get the best you can afford to fish plastics and



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I'd use the Uglystick for cranks, spinner baits and surface. I'd get a 7' sensitive spinning rod and a new spinning reel. As Road Warrioe says line is very important. I fish very clear water so I use fluorcarbon a lot with the balance being mono.

Although I use baitcasters for every thing except drop shot, skipping and baits from 1/8 ounce and smaller I'd forgo the baitsater until next year unless the budget allowed me to upgrade my spinning gear and buy a mid to top range baitcaster.

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Thanks Roadwarrior for the feedback Is Yo Zuri Hybrid braided or mono? And also was my assumption right when I said I thought I could set my hooks better when using plastics with the 7' mh?

NBR thanks for your feedback as well Im looking to spend $80-$100 on my new reel I do want a baitcaster but I might get a spinning. Are baitcasters any better? I'm also getting the new rod as well 7' I want to go with Uglystick because I have for so long and there great in my opinion, but I might also kick out $80-$100 for the rod as well. Again thanks for all the feedback. This site is pretty useful.

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