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Just got a little unexpected windfall and giving serious thought to acquiring a couple new rods.  I know this is not an easy question,but I would like to get one spinning and one b/casting that will do most everything well, not perfect.  Will be putting a catalyst 20 on the spinning a quantum energy pt on the baitcaster.  I've got so many rods and reels that it's become difficult for me to decide on what to use when, that's why I want to scale down a bit.  Want to keep prices below $100 each.  I've currently got a BPS extreme baitcaster w/extendable butt section and really like it.  Got a Okuma guide series spinning in medium w/fast tip, All American worm rod & crank rod, couple of bionic blades, etc.  Am thinking about trying St. Croix, but don't know anything about them and was hoping you guys could give me some insights and possibly some sale items I might not be aware of.  Oh yeah, Guess I want medium action with "semi" fast tips.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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At just below $100, Fenwick is an excellent choice.

Fenwick HMXT 66M Baitcasting

Fenwick HMXS 66M Spinning

Your $100 price tag rules out some other good buys. There are a number of choices in the $130 - $200 range from different manufacturers that would fit the bill. At the lower end of that price range($139), I would recommend the following:

Powell 683CEF Baitcasting medium-heavy extra-fast tip

Powell 703MEF Spinning      medium       extra-fast tip

St Croix Avids are excellent rods in this range as well.

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