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good shakin combo?

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im going to be buying a new spinning setup soon, somthing around 200+$. i was thinking of a croix mojo and a pflueger supreme XT, but wanting to see what others think. kistler make good rods? what about diawa?  thanks.

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Before determining what name brand you want you need to do the following:

1.  Look at your reel and note its specifications.

2.  Think how you will fish the rod - flipping, pitching, skipping, casting long.

3.  What is the cover and structure you will be fishing - bushes, stumps, grass, pads, rocks, deep water, shallow water, all of the above. The length of your spinning rod is critical to this question.

4.  What baits are you going to throw - plastics, small crankbaits, Ugly Ducklings, Rooster Tails, spinnerbaits, topwaters, etc.

5.  What type of line and test will you use the most - 6, 8, 10 pound flouro, mono or braid.

With this in mind, go to your BPS or Cabella's catalog and start looking at the various rods that are available.

Then, select three or four and go to their web sites for more details.

After doing all this research, and being able to balance your spinning reel with the rod's specifications, you can then consider which spinning rod will perform the best for you.

Take your spinning reel with you to the tackle store, put it on the rod, and see how it feels and performs when you shake the rod, etc.  If it feels right and the rod and reel's specs plus the bait's weight balances,then you have found your perfect rod.

This is the fun part of hunting for your tackle.  The best part is when you take it out and give it a try.

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As for reels, anything 2500 and less in size should do well.

Just balance everything to make sure it matches.  ;)

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Loomis shr821 Pflueger Supreme 8030.

Best setup for this fishing IMO. A Loomis rod that is spot on.

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