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Swimbait line size

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What line size do you use for 5"-6" plastic swimbaits.  What rod works the best for this size?


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A better way to judge what line size you need would be the weight of the bait, not necessarily the length.  As there are 6" paddle tails that weigh less than an once and then there are 6" hard bodied swim baits that weigh 1.5 oz or more.

But on average I use 15#-20# line for most of my 6" baits (1.2-2oz).  I hardly use those girly paddle tube swim baits, but 15# would be plenty for those little things.

As far as rods go, you don't need a special swim bait setup for smaller baits 1oz and under, most MH to H flipping sticks will do just fine.  For baits heavier, Okuma 7'6" MH is a great small swim bait stick.  the 7'6" H is a GREAT all around rod that can handle anything from 6" Mission Fish to 8" Huddleston and everything in between.  This is a very versatile rod and if I ever have to bring just one of my swim bait rods, it's this one as it will throw 80% of my baits.  Either rods paired with a Cardiff 300 (Or Curado 300 if you like the low profile reels) fit great as they both have good line capacity for 15# to 20#.

What baits do you plan on throwing?

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First, we need to know what baits you will be throwing. A six inch Hudd is different than a six inch Basstrix.

So annoying having paddle tail or shad body type soft plastics called "swimbaits"

I use 65# braid for all my swimbaits but I don't throw anything less than 10-11 inches

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Hey LBH, I have a good buddy who fishes a lot of tournies. And he and I talk all kinds of garbage about some of the goofballs in his club, who will say, "Yea', I just fished swimbaits all day long" {because they think this will make them appear to be like the coolest guys on the water"} ......so then my buddy sees them out there throwing a 3" paddle tail  :-)

Dude ! That's not a freaking swimbait.... okay !   ;) ;D :) ;D

If this were the case, how about those 1" micro paddle tails they make for Crappie fishing ?

"Yea' that's a fat basket of Crappie you got there. What did you get em' on" ??? Well, we just threw swimbaits all day  ;D



Oh.... I use 50 lb braid for all of my swimbait fishing. Never broke it on a fish.

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