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Chronarch 101BSV

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Ive noticed these Chronarchs are on sale at our local cabelas.  What do you think of them?  Im looking for a new reel for my cranking stick and my finesse" rod.  They guy at cabelas said they will do all of that but i thought i better asks the experts here first :) Or maybe ill jump up to the new D.


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Chronarch 101B SV

* A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)

* Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System (on CH100BPV, CH101BPV, CH100B and CH101B only)

* High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)

* Dartainium Drag

* A7075 Aluminum Spool (100B, 101B, 100BPV, 101BSV only)

* A6063 Aluminum Spool (100BSV & 101BSV only)

* Septon Handle Grips

* Assist Stopper

* Super Stopper

* Super Free (SF)

* Clicking Drag Adjustment

* PV Power Paddles (BPV models only)

* SV Power Paddles (BSV models only)

* Ion Plated Finish

* Recessed Reel Foot

* Escape Hatch

* Variable Brake System (VBS)

* Cold Forged Handle Shank

* Reduced Mass VBS hub

* Aluminum Frame and Sideplates

Whats not to like.....Except the 6.2:1 for cranking might be a little fast, and the weight 9.5oz...The drags aren't as hefty as the (PV) Power version...

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!!

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Get the D. I fished with a B for a little while and I liked it, but it was a little heavy. I am not small person, but I just love light gear. The D was also much smoother than the B. If you have the cash for a new D, then I would go for it. You will never look back. Also, I do not think one reel will work for both those techniques. If you are looking for a cranking reel, then go with the 5:1 D; a finesse reel, then it's the 7:1. If both rods need a reel and you have $500 then there is the answer.

*Also look at the Curado E's.

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Mainly use lipless cranks and shallow divers on that rod and the weight was a concern.  Also does the larger spool size affect throwing those light lures?  Since its a salt water version it adds a little extra spool capasity.

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