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Help wanted!! swimbait set-up

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I wanted to try out some smaller swim baits in the 4" range and bought some on the flea market i ended up buying 3..

i never used swimbaits before and need your help in what set-up would best suit me with these new lures. they are hard lures by the way i got a TT bluegill, Giron Bluegill and i forgot the other one but those 2 should give you a picture of what ill be throwing..

the rigs i have are these

chronarch 51mg/7mf avid

citica 201e/7mh claurus

daiwa 153hl/7m carbomax

the thing is the 2nd rig isn't mines its my bros but we share our fishing stuff so i can use the claurus with the other 2 reels if its the better rod choice.

also what would be good line to use i dont want to use braid because i heard it messes up the rod guides so im planning on getting some mono but what should i get

25lbs big game

20lbs yo-zuri

20lbs cxx

what would be best any help is welcomed thanks...

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go with tghe 7' mh rod,cxx line all the way and either one of those reels will do fine but id choose the daiwa 153,whatever one has the faster gear ratio id go with but def. that mh rod.those swimbaits you got arnt giants nor are they heavy ones so you should be fine,if in the future you deciede to throw bigger and heavier swimbaits id get a 7'6" or bigger rod.

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also i just picked up a shellcracker from socalrob ill probably be throwing it with the same set-up

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The shell cracker might be a bit heavy for that mentioned setup, not sure of the specs though.  I have an Akita swimbait that I think is close and if so it is a bit too heavy for that rod, but like I said, I'm not sure.  As for the TT and the giron, 20lb is fine but you could get away with 15lb cxx...they are decently light and small baits so 20lb might hinder casting.  For my heavier baits, 7'' TT, 2oz Akitas, and a harb bodied ABT, I throw 20lb CXX but for the smaller ones, 4''TT, Sexy Swimmers, Magic Swimmers, King Shads, I throw 15lb CXX.

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