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Help me match up my rods & reels...

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After much reading on these forums, I'm trying to best match my three reels and four rods for various presentations.  And I need to pick up a 4th reel...maybe someone has a suggestion or two.

Anyway, the rods:

7'11" H-XF

7'      MH-glass

6'6"   MH-F

6'      M-glass

And the reels, all baitcasters:




Here's what I'm thinking (application/rod/reel)

swimbait...7'11" H-XF...6.2:1 (1-2 oz.)

crankbait...7' MH-glass...5.0:1 (mostly deep divers)

topwater...6' M-glass...7.1:1 (poppers and sticks)

(the above in keeping with the idea of slower action for trebles and faster for single hooks)

If I have it more-or-less right above, that leaves me with my 6'6" MH-F rod.  Again, from the forum reading I've done that would seem to be a suitable rod for worm+spinnerbait.  What speed reel would that team up with?  Seems like the spinnerbait would want a slower reel (similar to a crankbait) while the worm may be best with a faster reel?  Or maybe not...

All comments/advice welcome.  If you think I should mix it up a bit differently, say so!  This equipment is primarily used for trips to El Salto/Mateos, so I'm trying to maximize the value of my investment (rather than the cost!)

Thanks in advance,

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Here's my thoughts.

I think you have it pretty much figured out. Your 6 1/2' rod is your most versatile one, so I would put a 6:1 reel on it. That way you're good to go for spinnerbaits or t-rigged worms.

That being said, I would have one problem going out with your setup: With only rare exceptions, I like to have a spinnerbait and a t-rigged worm or jig available at all times. If there was any way possible, I would add a 6 1/2' or 7' MH rod for pitching worms and jigs.

If adding another rod is not possible. Then I would probably use your 7' MH for spinnerbaits (realizing this is a compromise), 6 1/2 MH for worms/jigs, and 6' for topwaters and crankbaits. I could live with my topwaters and cranks sharing a rod easier than my worms/jigs and spinnerbaits.

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You're good to go!

I suggest a fast reel for your 6 1/2 MH/F.


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