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Reel Turner

American Rodsmiths H-3 titatium pitching rod help and questions....

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I have purchased an American Rodsmiths pitching rod.  The specifications are Marty Stone "Pitching Rod",  6-10"long, Heavy power, fast action, 10-20# line and 1/4-5/8 oz lures. Also the rod is a H-3 Titanium series and it has titanium framed, sic guides and the blank says 87 million modulus graphite.  It also list on the label that the blank has some carbon and titatium added for strength.  Course me not being a rodmaker I don't have the slightest clue if this is just a selling gimmick or not. The regular price is $219 and I found it on sale for $149.

I got a few questions and am hoping someone that has experience in using this can give me imput.

I can find very little info about these rods on the web and am wondering if I should keep it or not.  I got it to flip and pitch with and whatever other technique that it would do a relative good job at doing.  I have a friend  that let me use his 7-6", L904 loomis, gls granite flipping/pitching rod and have found out first-hand that a 7-6" rod length is not too long for my liking or comfort of handling it.

Are American Rodsmiths rods good?  How durable (graphite) are the H-3?

If anyone out there has used these kind of rods or has experience with these H-3's, then I sure would appreiciate any info.

I'm just trying to get into doing some flipping/pitching, course I think I would be doing more pitching than flipping and wondered if I would be better going with a longer rod.

Last, after showing it to a well-known bass fishing specific rod builder his comment was that "it has no tip" meaning that the tip is not a flexing as a Loomis L904.  So, by what he is telling me do you guys that flip and pitch alot do you want a flex in the tip of the rod to "projectile" the jig or lure under bushes and cover???

I know that I can get a custom built L904, one piece from this builder for approximately $159 and I paid $149 on sale for the American Rodsmiths.

Fire away I need to make a decesion on what to do.


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In the 15 months I worked for Academy Sports & Outdoors American Rodsmiths H-3 Titanium, Falcon, AllStar & CastAway were our top selling rods; of the four American Rodsmiths & Falcon were the least returned.

I personally use two 6' 10 rods for Texas Rigs/Pitching and have absolutely no problems pulling hawgs out of matted Hydrilla.

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I love American Rodsmiths rods. Definatley keep it. If you don't want it send it to me. I will gladly use it. The H3 is a top notch rod.

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