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Guide Repair?

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I was cleaning my reel tonight and when I went to put it back on the rod, I noticed that the fourth guide from the top was bent.

The epoxy (I think that's what it's called) is loose from the guide.

The guide is still connected to the rod, but the clear stuff (epoxy?) that helps secure it is cracked.

Should I be that concerned about this or not?

How easy of a fix is this? Can I just put new epoxy over the old?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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It is actually the thread that secures the guide. The epoxy is to protect the thread. You can buy single application epoxy kits form places like Mudhole Custom Tackle. If the guide is still functional, you can epoxy over what is there. Peel off the loose epoxy and prep the remaining with a scotch brite pad or fine sandpaper.

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Ok thanks for correcting me and thanks for the advice.

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I just did one on an old Shimano Speedmaster rod that had been in storage.I watched and read these

This is the home made rod holder made from a cardboard box , actually works quite well


This is the Mudhole video showing how to wrap a guide


This is the Mudhole video of how to apply finish..I put on 1 thin coat and let dry and came back the next day and added a thicker coat ,it is very difficult for me to do it exactly the way this guy does it. Important to mix your 2 parts together until it is clear and use exact amounts of each.



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