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2011 Team Daiwa Zillion Type R Baitcast Reel

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So if you read my review of the Quantum Smoke, that reel is going back. 

So moving ahead to earlier this evening, local bass shop has the 2011 Zillion Type R in left hand.  I check it out, very nice.  Sharp looking glossy black paint, carbon swept handle and NO eva grips.  The washer to hold the reel handle nut is red, nice little bit of coloring.  It's just a tad liter than the regular Zillion and has slits on top of the thumb rest.  I check to see how smooth it is...very smooth.  I mount it on a rod and it is also comfortable, just like a Zillion would feel.

I just was wondering how much this reel is, I know that it retails for $400...the guy tells me it's $269.99...the same price as the regular Zillion!  My brain is whirring, I like this reel; this reel is calling my name.  I tell him to put it on hold for a couple days.  So I bought it this evening and I kept my mouth shut on what the retail price was.  The guy told me they also had a right handed Zillion Type R and that sold once it hit the reel counter.  And the price was the same, so that guy knew a deal was in front of him.  I also did, saw a new Zillion being added to my collection of reels. 

I re-greased and oiled it once I got it home.  I put on 40/10 Power Pro and it looks sharp on any of these rods.  Just not sure which is the best for it, probably the Zillion rod.  On that rod and the Shimano Cumara, it is a stealth looking setup...

Zillion Type R b/c reel on 6'9" MH Zillion rod:


Mounted on a Shimano Cumara 7'2" MH rod:


Mounted on a E21 Boyd Duckett Classic Gold Carrot Stix, 6'9" MH rod:


Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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Looks the best on the Cumara, but I wouldn't mount it based on looks.

That's a slick looking reel. I hope I can try one some day.

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I was gonna say they were over priced but at the price of a standard zillion....you got a deal.  If they sell them for that price and the MSRP is $400, I wonder what the wholesale price is, no one is going to sell a reel for less than wholesale at a tackle shop.  Anyway, that's a great deal. 

As for the rod, I'd put it on the Zillion but that's because my SHA is on a 7'MH Zillion. 

Just a quick question....is the 6'9'' a broomstick?  I feel like my 7'MH fishes above most other companies H rods and my 7'M around a MH.

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Man you lucked out!!!!

If only the employee's at my BPS were that dumb  :'(

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KY Warmouth, the 6'9" MH Zillion rod feels more like a heavy than a mh.  I don't mind it cuz actually I get better hook sets and it's much more sensitive.  I decided on the 6'9" MH cuz of the Tackle Tour review they did when the rod first came out, they reviewed the 6'9" MH and I like that lenght vs a baitcast rod thats 6'6".

I'll tell you this much, the Zillion Type R looks really sleek and stealth on the Zillion rod.  It has a Darth Vader'ish look to it.

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