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American Rodsmiths Wreckin Stix

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I was interested in getting one of the Denny Brauer wreckin stix to try out the golf grip handle. Anyone use this rod? Doesn't matter what model just wanted to know how you like them and any other info would be great.


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I posted a question on here a few days ago about the same & asking advice on one of these rods or a Dobyns Savvy 735. Here is the link to that thread http://www.bassresource.com/bass_fishing_forums/YaBB.pl?num=1290471115

I have held (in store only) one of the Tour series American Rodsmiths rods with the golf grip handle. I liked it - quite a bit, actually. The handle was very nice and the rod was extremely light in weight and appeared to be well balanced, although I did not test it with a reel in place. However, I'm not certain about the performance v price issue, which is why I inquired on this board. Apparently, no one one here has one of these rods. Everyone suggested the Savvy because they have both used them AND Dobyns customer service. I have read elsewhere that American Rodsmiths customer service/warranty can be spotty and warranty is rather short. Also, the owner of the small tackle shop where I tried the Tour series rod told me that it is very difficult to get rods from them with often long delays. This worries me a bit since if they are having difficulty delivering product, customer service may follow a similar pattern. I'd hope to never need customer service or file a warranty claim, however, it is nice to have classy customer service when/if the need arises.  While it's  not necessarily a purchase-breaker, it is a factor to be weighed on a rather expensive product.

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A friend has the 7'6"H Carolina Rig rod and seems to like it now.  When he first got it he contemplated returning it, which he probably would have done had he not bought it on the Internet and had to pay shipping.  His rod seems really heavy and unbalanced and I think the sensitivity is lacking as well.  He has grown to like it for C-rigs and Ledgebusters but he has added a few ounces of lead tape to the butt to balance it out.

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