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How do you say "Chinese crap" in Swedish?

Kidding..... ;D

Its just a case of the color of the grass over there.  Same stuff we got.

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To talk about PF on a global scale is really talking about development from three areas. North America, Japan and Australia. While each market is allowed to create and develop product that fits the needs of anglers in their markets the three big dogs are what I listed earlier. Japan develops 99% new product specific to their market with a very very few soft bait choices as the exception. The US is catching up to Japan with the latest developments in the ABU line (wish all star would put out something new or maybe they will just disappear like the Fenwick Bass rods did.... or maybe pflueger could absorb them and put out a tournament class rod line under it's name ((since they were both under Shakespeare at one point )) ) any way the Revo Neos is the JDM Version of the Premier spinning reel it has 2 more bearings but otherwise the same. But really there are only 4 Large Bass market focused countries and those are US, Japan, Korea, and China... but Australia has some real sweet gear for inshore if people are into that................

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