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Fish Finder?

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Well I usually fish a local lake that gets down to 25 ft. And I fish the kissimmiee  river witch can get down also to 25 ft and besides that i fish very shallow...too shallow for a fish finder....but winters around the corner and I need to get a fish finder so I can start fishing deep....what would you suggest? thanx :o

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If you have the money get the Lowrance x102c.  That thing is awesome!  But the cheap Eagle and Lowrance models work well to.

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Over the years, I've owned Flashers, CRT, LCD and Graph Displays.

Brands I've owned include Columbia, Ray Jeff, Lowrance, Humminbird and Eagle.

For my money, the nod goes to Lowrance and Eagle, (a division of Lowrance), and to LCD display.


In saltwater, I've used sonar units literally as "fish finders", but in my opinion, their worth in freshwater

is chiefly as a depth sounder. Not for nothing, wherever you the best bottom contour you also find fish.

PS: I live 12 minutes from the Kissimmee River, the launch at FL-60 (next to Kissimmee Lake)


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