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Loch Raven Reservoir, MD


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Fishing report for 11/4/07

Fishing center open at 7 am.  Rentals in by 4pm.  Gate locked at 4:30

Water Temp:  Start 62      End 61

Partly Cloudy,  Wind NW 2mph - very small white caps.  

The hydrilla is starting to die off on the shady/western banks.  Still thick and green in deeper water on the other side.  

This was my second time fishing the Loch and I had a tough go of it.  The constantly changing light and wind conditions kept me off center for most of the day.  The sun would come out and the wind would die off, 10 minutes later the sun is behind a cloud and the wind would come right back up.  Maintaining boat position was tough!!  

I landed two lmb that were a little over a pound each.  Both very chunky and aggressively hitting my lures.  I got to swing on a big one while using a frog in the slop, but missed.  I caught throwing a rapala husky jerk size 10 in baby bass and a perch minnow rap.  I was fishing as close to the green hydrilla as I could, while running the lures at depth.  Couldn't pull anything out of the few rocky points/drop offs and am bummin.

I talked to some guys who had a small aircraft carrier with ALL of the fixings for a reservoir boat.  They caught a bunch throwing a 4" watermelon with red fleck senko (color 208 I believe), a jig and pig of unspecified color, and crankbait of unspecified color.  I don't know where they were fishing.

I might be going again next weekend, anyone else?


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Hey Cory, bout a 1hr 45 min drive for me.  Maybe not this season but next year around Spring time if you go.  Getting tight on time and stuff as far as fall fishing so I'm trying to get in all the places around me I wanna hit before the end of the season.  Getting cold quickly too, temps dropping pretty significantly in a short period.  Shoot me a pm with your info and stuff and maybe we can hook up come March.  Sounds like a fun place to fish.  Later bud.

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I grew up fishing that water. You know where the little island and peninsula is? Right along the hardest fished parts. Around that area is a stump field. Cant reach it from shore, and boat guys either dont know or avoid it cause its in a goofy spot....

Anyway.....there has always been quality fish there. PM me.


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