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Hey RI bassers...


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For what it's worth...

Went to lake Tiouge in Coventry, RI today... If your still fishing, don't bother!!!

Water depth at the State/Town boat ramp was about 4" unable to put the boat in.

Tried a little pond in Cranston. Caught 4 small LMB and missed a nice one. Jerk baits, spinners and ratls all worked today...

I think this was the last trip 25 MPH winds made the temp. feel like 30's. Froze my @$$ off.


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Tiogue has been ON this year. Its turning into one of the states better fisheries, it doesn recieve much pressure and the fish have a great environment. Plus no boat traffic like that OTHER lake in Coventry, lol. Also DEM says that it has one of the better smallie populations around. I dont kno about that for sure but the smallest smallie I got out of there was 2.5 so.

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What's the water temp up there?

low 40's

About the same as Matt's IQ if he heads out tomorrow,lol

(ps- call me if you go, I'm IN,LMAO)

I said we were dedicated, not intelligent :)

Nice, I thought you were hardcore, but I must have been thinking of someone else :) ;D

Today, air temp from 44-47.......wind out of the NW between 10-20mph, light chop on the water. Made it feel like about 35. Brought the sonar, water temp between 44 and 46. Caught my first one out of 12' deep on a Strike King Red Eye shad...good for a deuce and a half maybe. Hands were to cold to reach for the scale lol. This was the fourth cast so we figured it was either on, or it was gonna suck. Turns out it sucked. Ended up with the 2 bass plus a snake. I won't say how tin2win did, but at least we didn't have to chop too much ice out to get the boat in.... :-X

Oh, and yep I brought the Under Armor and Gore Tex today, no more screwing around lol. I hade 5 layers on, wasn't bad except for the fingertips :)

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