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Fishing Rhino

Road trip. Anyone interested in sharing a ride.

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Unless things change, I'll be going on the "road trip" in May.

If anyone is interested in riding down, and sharing expenses for the trip, send me a pm.

There are two who are currently interested, but cannot make a firm comittment until the first of next year.

I'm willing to share the room I have booked. The room is 85.88 per night. Don't know if it includes taxes. Sharing the cost of the room should be about 50 dollars each, for the purpose of calculating your budget for the cost of the trip.

At current prices, the total gasoline cost should be about 200 dollars.

Tolls. The only tolls will be the NJ Turnpike for a couple of exits, and one toll entering PA on I-78. If the fellow in VA goes, that will change. Tolls for the entire NJ Pike, Delaware Memorial Bridge, Delaware and MD tolls plus the tunnel toll at Baltimore would be higher. Tolls for the GW Bridge and the NY Thruway are northbound only tolls.

Total tolls would be thirty to forty dollars if we travel I-95 to DC. If the fellow from VA doesn't go, and we travel I-81 to Tennessee, the tolls will be considerably less, twenty dollars or so.

Driver and riders will split the cost only for the portion of the trip you actually share the ride.

If the fellow from VA goes, the truck will be filled just before he is picked up, and filled again just before he is dropped off on the return. He will share in the expenses of gasoline used from the time he is picked up until he is dropped off.

At current prices, 200 dollars should take care of the round trip from MA. Maximum expense for only two of us would be 100 dollars each.

Maximum outlay for a local area member would be half the room, about fifty per night for five nights, possibly six if we check in the day before the fishing starts, a hundred dollars for gasoline, and the 50 dollar registration fee to Bass Resource or the person in charge.

Your cost would be 450 - 500 for travel and lodging, provided you can share a room. It's up to you to figure what you'll need to budget for meals and spending money

My full size, four door pickup can carry four comfortably for a long drive. There is room in the bed, which has a locking cap, for luggage and gear. Rods up to seven feet can be stowed diagonally.


Rods should be bundled in a blanket or some type of sheath so they aren't clattering together with other rods.

That's enough info for now.

The invite is open. The particulars will vary depending on who joins me, and where they will be picked up.

Here are the only rules for sharing the ride. No smoking, and no drinking. I don't want to be stuck with all the driving. Sharing the ride means sharing the driving.

One note. I'm not a nickle and dime type of person who uses a calculator to break down an individual's share of the expenses. If I end up paying a few bucks more than the next guy, I don't worry about it. As long as it's close, it's good enough. A few bucks one way or the other will neither break nor enrich me.

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The annual forum road trip to be held at Pickwick Lake in Tennessee.  May 2 - 7, 2010

I won't be towing a boat.

See link below.


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